Light Orchestra

Interactive installation

Light Orchestra is an interactive light and sound installation that invites visitors to become conductors, moving their arms to direct a symphony of light and music. From a conductor’s podium, visitors can direct an orchestra of motorized projectors that create beams of light and unique musical sequences that respond to the maestro’s movements. The light and music adapt and evolve according to the enthusiasm of the budding conductor. With increased movement, the music becomes livelier and beams of light move more energetically; with slower movement, the music becomes soft and the light beams gently sway.

The goal of Light Orchestra was to give people a chance to feel for a brief moment what it would be like to control powerful beams of light as well as being in charge of an orchestra. We spent a lot of time developing a fluid interactive system that would let people express themselves and delve deeper into the experience no matter how they decided to interact with it. The idea now is to let as many people as possible experience it all over the world.