Interactive installation

Laser like water, a collaboration between Jean-Sébastien Baillat, Patrick Trudeau and Ottomata, was created for the Never Apart gallery in Montréal. The piece proposes the encounter of elements in a space in order to project our perceptions into other possible dimensions. The sharp color lasers, suspended chords that cut the air, break in a pool filled with water. Chromatic shapes generate from this fusion and evolve over the water's surface, agitated by the wind. The lasers' reflection is projected on tinted mirrors surrounding the pool. The mirrors resend the luminous signals that blend with the direct signal of the laser touching the mirror, blurring that way any reference point in this reflection of what's real.

Synesthesia of the light over the music, the laser materializes the power of sound in a space. The energies meet to provoke an intense experience, a connection of materials, a synergy in the given space.